Nutritionist Dodging Dietician Domination

Okay, before anyone gets mad, let me first state that I am not out to “get” Dieticians of the world.  I am not working in the “us” versus “them” mentality.

For those of you who this seems an inanely touchy point, no one has yet to made you aware that for many this is a battle.  The Nutritionist versus the Dietician.

That for me is not the deal.  The deal for me is the concept surrounding the Dietician as the more qualified of the two* (again caveat insert, I am talking about Nutritionists with degrees from accredited universities).  This idea of the all mighty Dietician that floats around really gets my goat, for lack of a better euphemism.

I am still baffled by the love the Dieticians receive and the hate the Nutrtitionists get thrown.  And by hate, I am referring to the complete lack of mention.  The total ignoring of.

This drives me to question, why?  Simply put, why?  Is it due to the antiquity of the idea that Dietitians are the only qualified healthcare professional aware of healthy food, is it some kind of conspiracy theory hold that the ADA has on the world, or is it just lack of awareness that there are Nutritionists with degrees out there?

Regardless of the why, I would like to just put in a good word for our old friends the Nutritionists.  There are many out there.  There are many who have survived rigorous schooling from programs deemed by the educational heads to be worthy of accreditation (let’s say, for example, a Master’s degree).  There are many that are qualified, grounded, and equal to Dietitians.   There are many that are forward-thinking, holistic, and aware that we need a lobbying group so we can have our very own ADA to back us up.

The bottom line is that this does not need to be an either/or dilemma, we can all exist together, and we can exist in the new concept that we are equal.

*Note: Dieticians and Nutritionists may have different skills sets from each other making them

Peace Lily Bringing Together Nutritionists and Dietitians

more qualified for different positions, as Dietiticans are more trained for large-scale institutional settings, while Nutritionists programs are more geared towards holistic, preventive care.  This is NOT to say that there is not cross-over, this is more just stating what the two are generally categorized as due to the schooling.

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