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Raspberry Leaf- Perfect for Pregnancy!

Raspberry leaf is a safe and supportive herb that can be used throughout pregnancy. It is one of the few herbs that herbalists can agree on when it comes to herbs safe throughout pregnancy. Raspberry leaf is a uterine tonic with a high mineral content, which means it will support uterine health and nourish you. Bridgitte Mars states in her latest book that when used postpartum, raspberry leaf “can decrease uterine swelling and minimize postpartum hemorrhaging as well as increase the colostrum in the mother’s milk.” Raspberry can also be beneficial for women outside of pregnancy to work with menstrual issues, anemia, and diarrhea.
Making raspberry leaf tea is a bit different from your typical 5-minute tea bag steep because we want to draw minerals out and this takes time.

So, to make:

• Boil water
• Grab a mason quart jar
• Fill it with 4 tablespoons (1 tablespoon of tea per cup) of raspberry leaf tea
• Then fill it with hot water
• Let it steep for 8 hours or overnight (4 hours is a minimum steeping time!)
• Strain and enjoy the tea all day long!

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Yay for Raspberry Leaf Tea! Photo thanks to Emma Shaw.

Tea for You!

Tea is a wonderful thing, particularly when it is made just for you. I recently went to a delightful holiday party thrown by friends Aaron (Boulder Acoustic Society) & Nicole (Music teacher & amazing wedding singer). I wanted to bring them a tasty holiday gift, so I created this delicious tea with some soothing & moistening aspects to it. It contained mint (delish), lemon balm (brightening herb that is like a ray of sunshine), calendula (soothing), & marshmallow root (moistening). I topped it off with rose buds to give the tea an extra sparkle and to ensure that all who drink it are ready to smile and sing.

Sweet label for delish tea

Rose buds top it off!

Jury Duty: I come prepared…

Often we are on the go.  Busy.  Rushing around and this often means we are not home for extended lengths of time, as occurred to me this week when I begrudgingly fulfilled my jury duty.

All of this time on the go and feeling very far from food that has actual nutritional value, really reminded me how important it is to have a game plan and handy tools that make it easy to bring healthy foods with you.

Thermos full of yummy soup, utensils, water bottle & Bust magazine- what more could you ask for?

Some foods like apples are prepackaged by nature.  Other foods like soup are more tricky and this is where a good thermos is life-changing.  Other handy tools are a set of utensils kept clean in a wrap (to-go ware sells this or you can easily wrap up some silverware with a cloth napkin) as is your favorite magazine (mine happens to be Bust).  Just because you are on the go doesn’t mean you can’t create a pleasant dining experience and good reading material can do the trick if you are flying solo (but you have to promise to still eat mindfully- promise).  So take care of yourself, scoff at the vending machine, and enjoy some good food, even if you have to return to jury duty.