Meditation: Quiet Breathing

We hear so often about meditation and the benefits of it.  If you haven’t meditated before, it can all sound quite intimidating, what do you do? How does it work?  Am I doing it right?  Will you become a monk wearing robes and gazing serenely?

Well, the serene gaze is a possibility, but all meditation really is breathing with a quiet mind.  Simple right?  Well, it depends on your monkey mind (your mind’s likelihood to jump around playfully).  Monkey mind is what meditation is trying to calm because scattered thoughts incessantly presenting themselves doesn’t really serve us.  So, instead, meditation aims to calm the mind, calm ourselves with deep breath, so in our everyday lives we are able to be in the moment with a calm mind and body.

Our minds needs training just like our body needs movement.  If we don’t train our minds, they are full of scattered thoughts and lack quiet focus.  Meditation is training for our minds to provide that calm focus.



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This blog is created by Whitney Johansson, a Nutritionist, Western Herbalist, and a believer in moderation, reckless abandon, bountiful joy, PBS, the wonders of good soil, blueberries, and feeling at home in our bodies. View all posts by Whitney Johansson

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