Exercise makes me a nicer person

Generally speaking, I have a sunny disposition.   Now, when I am arguing with my computer or I have just been looking at a computer for too long, I have noticed I start to get quite frustrated and I want to throw said computer and then jump up and down on it (Watch the Office Space copy machine scene for the full depiction).  Other signs that I am not mentally in a tip-top place include getting angry at other inanimate objects (looking at you IPOD), feeling like I have had 10 cups of coffee when I haven’t had any in months, and I feel like I need a hug from my dog (to his credit, he is a great hugger).

So, what gets me out of this funk?  Moving my body!  Exercise!  For me, I have 2 main ways that I enjoy exercising and releasing energy.  If I am really amped up (that caffeinated feeling), it is time to run, run, run.  If I need to move outside of my head and circulate my energy in a more flowy ( I made that word up) way, I dance.

When you notice these same signs, consider moving out of it with some motion- it can be a walk, hike, dance, yoga, running, biking, swimming, gardening, lifting weights- anything- as long as the end result is you feeling happier mentally, emotionally, and physically.


About Whitney Johansson

This blog is created by Whitney Johansson, a Nutritionist, Western Herbalist, and a believer in moderation, reckless abandon, bountiful joy, PBS, the wonders of good soil, blueberries, and feeling at home in our bodies. View all posts by Whitney Johansson

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