Why Frozen Fruits and Veggies Can Be Okay

Ideally, we each walk out our front doors, into our beautiful, abundant gardens and gather what is needed for the meal at hand.  However, ideal is an ideal, and we need to also be happy with what is true and real and possible for us in this moment (I’m looking at you busy Moms…).

So, in the winter when our local veggies and fruit options are slim, frozen fruits and veggies are an easy cost-effective way to get those foods into our diets.

Frozen fruits and veggies are picked when ripe, and thus, at the height of their nutrient content.  The processing is minimal, and no additives are necessary.  This means, a lot of nutrients without additives for a good price- sounds good, hey?

They also can be stored in our freezers for months, and so it is easy to stock-up and use them when needed in whatever amount needed.

So, until we get a bit closer to the fresh ones, try some frozen fruits and veggies!


About Whitney Johansson

This blog is created by Whitney Johansson, a Nutritionist, Western Herbalist, and a believer in moderation, reckless abandon, bountiful joy, PBS, the wonders of good soil, blueberries, and feeling at home in our bodies. View all posts by Whitney Johansson

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