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Eat Like My Dog Eats

Anyone who has ever met Siege (my dog) knows that he is a food enthusiast to the core.   Now, I know dogs universally love food, but Siege takes it to another level- he truly relishes in delicious eats.  While feeding him lately, I have been watching his approach to eating and I feel like we all could benefit from approaching eating as he does….

Siege enjoying the outdoors between meals...

The Siege Guide to Eating:

  1. Once food is being prepared, start to get excited.  Watch what is happening carefully and with a close eye- food preparation deserves attention.
  2. As food preparation is winding down and you are getting closer to eating, start to really look forward to your food- it is going to be SO great!!!
  3. Once food is set before you and you are ready to eat, dig in.  Enjoy it all passionately.  Savor each bite.
  4. Once the food is gone and in your tummy, take a walk outside, or take a moment to lie down if you are feeling a bit tuckered after deeply enjoying your food.  Don’t be afraid to truly relax-life’s worries and to-do’s will always wait for you.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 at the next meal.

Monitor your Movements: How you know it’s time to move

First off, I am not your typical hard-core Boulder athlete.  That said, I have a LOT of energy and I need to exercise two or three times a week to stay sane.  So, with this last week’s weather being quite ho-hum, I settled into the sofa with Project Runway ( a great show about fashion) on my mind more than Cottonwood Trail ( a great running trail nearby).

Then the came some signs telling me it was time to move…  

With a week of no movement floating by me, I felt fine actually.  I felt like I needed the rest.  So rest I did.  And then last night, I felt the first sign of antsy.  I could not fall asleep to save my life.  I just laid there awake.  And then I was still awake.  And if you know me, sleeping is really where I shine.

Reflecting back further, last night during a previously mentioned episode of Project Runway, I found myself stretching my legs.  Extending through my heel, pointing my toes.

Then this afternoon I sat down at my computer and I felt like I had been sitting there for five years.  Way too much energy.  Way too much.

So, hearing those signs, I am off to run!  Hopefully, I will out-run the rain cloud on the way and the Project Runway sirens that always call me back…

Shout out to my running shoes...

Quinoa: How to Use this Grain

Okay, I promise this is the last thing I will say about quinoa, but now that we have talked about it so much the question arises,  how do I put this into meals?  How is quinoa used?

Well, to answer this, here are some of my favorite ways to use quinoa:

  • Use it just as you would rice- this is a great rule of thumb
  • Add it to salad, stir-fry, or burritos
  • Make a tabbouleh with it
  • Swap it for oatmeal as a breakfast cereal to change it up and increase your morning protein
  • Add beans, meat, veggies, and any kind of dressing with it for the perfect on-hand meal (like the lentil, quinoa, veggie delight I wrote about last week)
Two last tips:
1.  Make it broth for extra nutrients and savory flavor
2.  Make a big batch to keep in the fridge- then it is ready to be thrown into any meal!