Eating Well for Emotional Health Class- May 10, 2011

Learn how to choose foods that support stability in emotions and keep us happy day-to-day.

Who this class is for: Moms, Moms-to-be, and anyone who want to support their emotional health with food!
Where: Becoming Mothers Maternity Shop, Boulder
When: 6:00pm- 7:15pm
Cost: $12 OR spend $50 at Becoming Mothers and the class is FREE.  Please keep your receipt.  When you register with Whitney, please just mention that you`ll be attending as her guest.
We will:
  • Discuss foods to choose and foods to avoid
  • Connect how food affects our emotions
  • Outline super nutrient-dense foods that are easy to add to meals
  • Taste test nutrient-dense foods that may be new to us
  • Create a delicious & supportive snack for on-the-go

To register for this class, please contact Whitney at whitney@trustyourgutnutrition or call 720.254.5771.



About Whitney Johansson

This blog is created by Whitney Johansson, a Nutritionist, Western Herbalist, and a believer in moderation, reckless abandon, bountiful joy, PBS, the wonders of good soil, blueberries, and feeling at home in our bodies. View all posts by Whitney Johansson

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