True Wellbeing: Go Big Picture

As a Nutritionist, I do my best to eat well and be my healthiest.  Walking the talk, living the vida.  That said, I do eat chocolate and some meals I eat are better than others.  Instead of getting really nit-picky, or scowling at myself when enjoying said chocolate, I live big picture.

On the whole, I eat a lot of vegetables, whole grains, fruits (blueberries are my #1 fav food- even more than chocolate), and I eat a varied, nutrient-dense diet.  This means that my norm is leafy greens, hummus, and delish soups.  It is this norm that is important.

Keep it fun & flexible- rigidity does not serve us.

It is the day-to-day, meal-after-meal that is key.  The occasional treat or exception to the rule isn’t the make or break it moment.

If we put pressure on ourselves driving a rigid perfection, it will not work.  When food becomes more about rules than enjoyment and nourishment, it will not be sustainable.  I am not advocating for three big macs and a pint of ice cream for every meal- there are guidelines to healthy eating and it is important to make good choices for ourselves.  What I am saying is when you have a healthy relationship with our food, there is a calmness in our food choices, there is a trust that we are choosing nourishment, and a repose when you reach for that cookie because sugar is a rarity for you.  So, to wrap up, choose nourishment in the everyday, but remember that the occasional change-up is a part of wellbeing.


About Whitney Johansson

This blog is created by Whitney Johansson, a Nutritionist, Western Herbalist, and a believer in moderation, reckless abandon, bountiful joy, PBS, the wonders of good soil, blueberries, and feeling at home in our bodies. View all posts by Whitney Johansson

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