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Monitor your Movements: How you know it’s time to move

First off, I am not your typical hard-core Boulder athlete.  That said, I have a LOT of energy and I need to exercise two or three times a week to stay sane.  So, with this last week’s weather being quite ho-hum, I settled into the sofa with Project Runway ( a great show about fashion) on my mind more than Cottonwood Trail ( a great running trail nearby).

Then the came some signs telling me it was time to move…  

With a week of no movement floating by me, I felt fine actually.  I felt like I needed the rest.  So rest I did.  And then last night, I felt the first sign of antsy.  I could not fall asleep to save my life.  I just laid there awake.  And then I was still awake.  And if you know me, sleeping is really where I shine.

Reflecting back further, last night during a previously mentioned episode of Project Runway, I found myself stretching my legs.  Extending through my heel, pointing my toes.

Then this afternoon I sat down at my computer and I felt like I had been sitting there for five years.  Way too much energy.  Way too much.

So, hearing those signs, I am off to run!  Hopefully, I will out-run the rain cloud on the way and the Project Runway sirens that always call me back…

Shout out to my running shoes...