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Best Podcast Ever! Check out More Hip Than Hippie

There aren’t many podcasts I am a truly devoted listener to; I am more of a podcast dabbler at heart.  Until now This American Life was the exception to that rule, but now I have another one to add to the list: More Hip Than Hippie.

First off, I have to say that this podcast just makes me smile.  It is these two women Dori and Val and they give off this fun, shootin from the hip style that I love.  It reminds me of chatting with my hilarious friend Heidi.

This is the description from their website “Dori and Val tell you everything you wanted to know about living a green lifestyle that is more hip than hippie. It’s upbeat, informative, and at times rather funny. (Yes, we shave).”  The theme song thumbs-down tofu and states “You bought organic sheets, but now you can’t remember why.”  This hip chicks, as they self-refer, cover great topics from stevia, microwaves, and soaking nuts and grains.  Not only that, they really go the extra mile to answer listeners questions, which I think is really kind & thoughtful.  Finally, they rate a beer and chocolate each show- what more could you ask for?

To check it out, go to iTunes and subscribe.  It is definitely worth it.

A Must Listen for those Green & Hip...


Plants expanding our palette


I also love bringing plants into our garden because it expands the plant varieties that we are exposed to, both in the garden and in the kitchen.  Often in the grocery store, there is just one kind of broccoli, three kinds of tomatoes, certain culinary herbs, but we want more!

Oh green zebra tomatoes, we haven't forgotten about you...Photo thanks to The Marmot.

Ol & I went to our favorite plant sale recently~ the Boulder Culinary Gardeners plant sale~ and we got so many neat varieties.  We aim for weird.  Like the Black Prince tomatoes.  We also aim for delicious, like the Campari tomatoes we got as well.  Lots of pepper plants, herbs, and pickling cucs.  These are plant varieties you just don’t see in the store (if you don’t garden, go to the farmer’s market and look for variety there).

Get Growing: Plants expand our awareness with a calm presence

Plants reach and expand us in different ways:

Calm presence:

Spending time with plants is one of my favorite things.  Plants make sense.  They are so easy to please

with their simple requirements, and when they aren’t happy, they let us know in a clear manner.  They

look droopy when thirsty or small when overcrowded and so on.  It is nice to be with that simplicity,

that calm openness, and pulled from our over-thinking minds into a easy flow of the plant world.

Lavender is one my favorites among plants, as it abundantly radiates calm joy. Photo thanks to Tanaka Juuyoh..

Stay tuned this week for 2 other ways plants expand our awareness…